The Religious Statues

Highlighting the front of the sanctuary are two major sculptures by Ken Pacetti.  Both pieces were carved from linden (bass) wood, a traditional material for German and Italian Master craftsman. In both cases Pacetti said his works were inspired by baroque artists who placed emphasis on the implied movement of the figures.  Additionally, Pacetti sees his work as being strongly influenced by ElGreco's paintings which offer stylized interpretations of the body, particularly elongated hands and feet.  "Both St. Joseph and Christ were carpenters, therefore, one will notice that I have emphasized a strength in their arms and hands and even feet," said Pacetti.

The Risen Christ

The eight foot Risen Christ above the altar took more than three months to create.  Again, there has been care to create a flowing, fluid look to the work as if the body is actually in motion.  The image of Christ rising and lightly shrouded serves as inspiration above the congregation and is highlighted by brightly colored iron work creating a sunburst effect.

St. Joseph

The statue of St. Joseph is located to the right of the baptistery and is nestled in its own grotto surrounded by ornate iron work.  Designed as a devotional area, a prayer kneeler is located alongside the statue. Pacetti took care to create a surface3 which offered subtle changes depending upon the amount of light in the sanctuary.  "Rather than a static image holding the symbols of his work, I wanted St. Joseph to look as if he were in the midst of a project, with tools in hand," said Pacetti.